15 Creative DIY Pendant Light Ideas You Will Like

These creative and stylish DIY Pendant Lights promise to steal the spotlight. Check out!

If you want to know how creative and unique some people are, visit their home, and notice how they’ve decorated it, you will know a lot about these people and their personalities from their taste in home decoration. Everyone loves to add their own touch to their home decor. One of the items of your home decor that you can customize are the pendant lights. You can build creative and adorable light pendants by yourself with a minimum cost, and these lights would still hold your own touch on it.

1. DIY Wood Veneer Pendant Lights


Veneer is so thin and it’s quite flexible and easy to work with. To make these beautify pendant lights, simply shape the veneer around empty paint cans and use an iron to seal it together.

2. DIY Faceted Sphere Pendant Light


This project will take around an hour, and you can have many designs depending on the paper you will use.

3. DIY Lace doily Pendant Lamp

These creative and stylish DIY Pendant Lights promise to steal the spotlight. Check out!


Paint doilies or leave them natural, then cover them in wallpaper paste and stick them to a balloon. Wait for the dollies to dry.

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