Cool Spray Painting PVC Pipe Projects You Never Thought Of

They are easy to get, to use, cheap, and fast way to get your ideal DIY decorations that will give your space a fresh look. Take a look and you will be surprised at all these spray painting PVC pipe projects.

Change is always a good idea when it comes to upgrading your home. Since there are a bunch of DIY decorating ideas from great blogs, you don’t need to invest a lot of money on buying high cost decorations to beautify your home. And now if you want to get the fresh, stylish and cheap decorations, you can do this easily by making some projects from PVC pipes and spray paint.

1. Cut the PVC pipe into varying lengths and spray paint them to build a succulent garden:

Instruction details at:

2. Add a lighted candy cane to holiday yard, made from spray painting PVC pipes:

How to make it:

3. Making faux bamboo projects, their “natural elements” are ideal for outdoor projects like fountains or drainpipes:

Instruction details:

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