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16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home

January 30, 2017

If you’re a DIY lover, you’ll definitely be going to like these inexpensive and functional DIY projects that you can do easily at HOME!

DIY crafts can be a lot of fun – many of them are practical, aesthetically pleasing and a blast to work on to boot. Unfortunately, many DIY projects require a lot of resources and time. But don’t worry because here are some tutorials that can help you enjoy the perks of homemade crafts without requiring you to spend a fortune on supplies. All you need is some items you probably already have. You can even recycle and reuse old materials! What’s best, these crafts are not time-consuming. Go ahead and enjoy these simple yet unique creations.

1. Marblize Anything

Freshen up your interior with a marble pattern.
Read more details here.

2. Boxes Into Baskets

Here’s a creative use for a regular old box.
Learn more here.

3. Popsicle Stick Shelf

Have a sweet tooth and love popsicles? Here’s how you can reuse the sticks.
Read the instructions here.

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