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15 Recycle Old Drawer Furniture Ideas Around Your Home

August 1, 2017

You’ll love this collection of amazing ways to recycle your old drawer furniture.

We can see all the old dressers in the thrift store or yard sale, missing some parts, damaged legs, tops, or scratched and thinking there’s nothing we can do. It is such a waste to dispose of the whole thing that is made of real woods, especially from grandma’s age. While the bulk of the dresser may be ready to go to the junkyard, try to keep all the drawers that are still in decent shape! Today, we are going to share you this coolest list out of the tree to recycle old drawers into new furniture.

1. DIY Old Drawer Doll House

Image and Instructions: Semi Proper

2. DIY Old Drawer Ottoman

Image and Instructions: Crafty Lady Lindsay

3. DIY Dresser Drawer Bathroom Shelf

Image and Instructions: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

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