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20 Organization Stations That Will Get Your Life in Order

November 15, 2017

You’ve GOT to check out our round up of some of the BEST organization stations out there.

1. Create a Command Center on Your Wall

Source: The Hankful House

By placing a calendar, dry-erase picture frame and a couple of paper holders on a wall, you can create a command center right in the middle of your home that not only looks pretty, but functions quite well.

2. Charging Station

Source: Lil Luna

Do you have electronic devices strewn all over the place? Solve that problem by building a simple charging station. It can be customized to fit your needs based on the electronic devices you have, and you can even add a little spot for paper and pens for quick notes. Perfect!

3. Everything Has a Place

Source: One Creative Housewife

Use an entire wall and be purposeful about what you place on it for a command center that has everything you need – a few baskets for important papers, blank lists, dry erase calendars, even a couple of framed quotes for inspiration.

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