15 Easy DIY Tables You Can Build Yourself

These 15 easy ideas will work with almost any type of home from modern to traditional, industrial to farmhouse, romantic to contemporary.

1. DIY Copper Pipe & Nylon Zip Table

via paulloebach.com

This geometric copper tube table is tied together with nylon zip ties. The structure itself is made sturdy by the network of triangulated shapes.

2. DIY Minimalist Dining Table

via amberinteriordesign.com

Minimalist furniture requires a lot less materials to build and it creates a modern style. It’s also fairly easy to make.

3. Mid-Century Modern Hairpin Table

via tatteredstyle.blogspot.com

Here is a great little table to make that you can use most anywhere.

4. DIY Pallet Table

via www.lanaredstudio.com

Turn an old door and pallets into a big beautiful dining table!

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