17 Insanely Creative Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Spices

Here are 17 genius ways to organize your favorite kitchen spices even in the tiniest of kitchens!

1. Use A Towel Bar And Shower Hooks To Hang Fresh Herbs And Spices Inside Your Pantry Door.

A simple towel bar makes it easy to save space and display your favorite cooking spices .

2. Use A Shoe Organizer To Store Your Spices In Your Pantry.

A shoe organizer is a simple tool that can go a long way in the kitchen. Use it to store your spices and herbs on your pantry door.

3. Use Magnetic Spice Organizers And Apply Them To The Sides Of Your Refrigerator.

These magnetic spice tins are perfect for those with little cabinet space. Simply apply them to your refrigerator and voila! Instant spice storage!

4. Use Chalkboard Labels And Mason Jars To Organize Your Spices On A Your Kitchen Countertop.

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