Boost Your Home’s Value : 9 Easy DIY Projects

Luckily we have 9 easy DIY projects that will boost your home’s value, curb appeal and livability!

Project One

Plant a tree. Nothing looks toward the future more than planting a tree! Not only will it boost the look of your landscape if you are selling soon, it will increase your home’s value in the long run by adding mature shade, energy savings and an established look to your home. Learn how to plant a tree from ‘HGTV’.

Project Two

Declutter! Ok, maybe this should have been number one, it is so important! Nothing subtracts from the value of your home more than clutter and “stuff”. This one takes some elbow grease, and maybe a little “learning to let go”, but costs the least. Take it room by room and step by step, and be brutal. Try these four easy steps to decluttering from ‘Southern Living’.

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