Clutter Be Gone: 50 Ways To Organize, Purge and Declutter Your Home

50 Ways To Clean, Organize and Declutter Your Home Room by Room


foyer and entry ways


1. Rummage through the area, put away extra items and throw away trash and unused items.
2. Create an area where you’re able to sit and neatly store shoes, this shoe cubby storage bench looks like a great foyer addition!
3. Hang one of these entry way and foyer coat organizers on the wall to make it easy to hang backpacks, jackets, keys and other items.
4. Use large woven baskets to store other items, such as umbrellas, scarves, books, the dog’s leash, and more.

kitchen and dining room

5. Open up drawers and cupboards and get rid of expired foods, broken dishes, food storage containers missing lids, and anything you will no longer use.
6. Remove everything from the refrigerator and freezer and disinfect the interior. As you put groceries back in, trash anything that’s old, expired or won’t be used.
7. Wipe down your cabinets, and clean your oven and microwave. Nothing worse than dirty doors, handles and knobs from food splashes over the past year.

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